Seeking the Services of the Best Marble Supplier in Singapore and Building the Dream House of a Lifetime

As soon as they get their pay check at the end of the month and after paying all of their bills, buying groceries and setting aside a lump sum for their savings account, people love to indulge their guilty pleasures and enjoy their innermost desires because it gives them the motivation to work hard and give their best each and every day. There are those who enjoy shopping sprees as they look far and wide for luxurious items like trendy clothes, expensive gadgets, imported sports cars and fancy jewellery because it makes them feel that all of their hard work is worth it and they are finally reaping the rewards of all their efforts through the years. There are also those who spend a lion’s share of their earnings to support their love to travel around the globe because they want to see the beauty of the world with their own eyes and check different items off their bucket list like climbing to the top of Mount Everest, running with the lions in Africa, exploring the Amazon jungle and meeting the love of their life in Paris, France.

But since I am a practical man with basic needs and simple dreams in life, I simply save whatever I can spare so that I can finally build the dream house that I have always wanted ever since I was just a young kid with high hopes and dreams yearning for a better life and brighter future for my beloved family. And that is the reason why I prefer gorgeous and mesmerizing marble tiles in Singapore for my floor and kitchen walls instead of cheap ceramic ones or tacky carpets with boring patterns that serve as the breeding ground of dust mites, bed bugs, lice and other parasitic vermin that are invisible to the naked eye because they can cause severe discomfort and even diseases. I am a frugal, thrifty and pennywise man who thinks long and hard twice before splurging on unnecessary things that are unimportant in life but when it comes to building my home sweet home from the ground up, the sky is the limit because this is a long-term investment that is for the greater good of the people that I love with all my heart and soul.

Aside from calling the most trusted and highly-acclaimed marble supplier in Singapore to make sure that I am getting my money’s worth because I want more bang for my buck so to speak, I also make sure that every square inch of my beloved safe haven is utilized perfectly to suit my personality and preferences. And since I love having my friends over and inviting the whole neighbourhood for a house party so that we can all get together and get back in touch despite our busy lives and hectic schedules, I made sure that I have a spacious dining room where we can all break bread together as well as a fully equipped and well-stocked pantry so that I can whip up culinary delights and fancy feasts for all of my guests.

And when I am not busy taking care of my children or finishing different kinds of house chores like sweeping the floor, cleaning the bathroom and doing the laundry, I love to read a good book and that is why I converted one of the unused guest rooms into a mini library and reading nook where I can enjoy some peace and quiet. Finally, because I want to enjoy a good night’s rest and spend romantic nights and intimate moments with the love of my life, I also pulled all the stops in the master’s bedroom that comes complete with dim lights, a walk-in closet connected to a bathroom with a hot tub as well as a huge mirror on the ceiling. 

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